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Cctv footage of pitch and putt break in the US Open

Cctv footage of pitch and putt break in the US Open

Folks from around the world flock to the UK, but for an even larger part of the year, people in the US do a little better than in Germany, says Dan Stitt, head of event operations for the ITA.

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“Most of the top players in the world come through New England; the top-of-the-line guys like Pete Sampras and Roger Federer come throug전주출장샵h Boston, but they’re in a different league altogether than in other parts of the country,” says Stitt.

“I think people just think it takes a long time to play this game in New England. In the US the year before the Masters was a little like Christmas morning, you get your golf shoes, everything’s lined up.

“We had a couple of weeks to organize our events and our staff, but even in January, when we were getting ready for the Masters, the staff in New England would never get through this entire week and spend any time at all outside, not even on Christmas.

“When the Masters is in New England, it feels like a holiday for that player in Germany or England – the player who is trying to play the best that day.

“You can see it on TV and on the Internet, when a man like David Ferrer can take the ball to the net and do his putt and putt, or you can watch a player run around the green like he’s playing golf every day with his feet out, trying to make it look like he’s playing golf.

“It feels like a break.”

We caught up with Ferrer about a month or two after he won the 2015 Masters

Ferrer – who is still known for his stro울산출장샵ng putts and long putters to putt – says he doesn’t mind in any way about the differences in the two places he plays.

“My goal and my goal is to play a속초출장샵t the highest level for my country and I do what I can to play the best every day to get there,” he said.

“That’s my goal, so to say otherwise to criticise the system, to speak about the ranking is just wrong. I’m here to play the best for my country and it’s my job to go out there and take my role and perform and do my thing.

“I don’t mind that ranking system where the to