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Barossa winemaker bob mclean dies at 80

Barossa winemaker bob mclean dies at 80

by Staff Writers

Carrboro, Mass. (AP) — Bob Mclean, who helped win the New England Derby at the hands of Michael Schumacher, died Tuesday night.

A family friend, Ed Wood, said the family was gathering around the couple’s coffin in Carrboro, Massachusetts, where Mclean died peacefully at 82.

Mclean was a tireless advocate for the sport.

“He did some unbelievable things. He won the Boston Derby at age 60,” Wood said.

“To have him die at 79-years-old is such an unutterable loss, but there is nothing I could do,” Wood said.

Mclean was known as the “Godfather” of New England Derby racing. His wife, Gail Mclean, won three times in addition to that win.

He was also a national figure in racing 영주출장안마 영주출장샵when he was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2004.

Wood said Mclean began the New England Derby racing at 8-years-old with his older brother. Mclean took to the track at age 11, winning 온 카지노at least 18 of the 28 races in his career.

Mclean died peacefully of natural causes, at age 79.

He started racing when he was 17 but took a few years off to pursue a career in racing, Wood said.

He had a big-time career as a runner, finishing first, second and third in the 1960 Olympic Marathon Trials and the 1976 Boston Marathon.

The retired racing driver race속초출장샵d in an 18-hole golf course for more than 70 years.

He said his father and mother never failed to get him to put in the work, even though he was too young to understand what it took to win.

Mclean was a tireless champion of racing for many years.

“His personality, he was tough,” said his grandson, Tim Mclean. “I had never seen somebody take on such a tough task as putting his mind to anything.”

Wood said he was not surprised to learn of Mclean’s passing.

“You knew he was coming around,” Wood said. “He’d worked his tail off to do what he had to do to keep his old race cars in top shape.”