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Sanjeev gupta new owner of sa whyalla steelworks

Sanjeev gupta new owner of sa whyalla steelworks

The project has been in the works for three-and-a-half years, the government said.

The scheme aims to provide employment to up to 1,000 people in the area.

About 150,000 households, as many as 9,000 households in the region are also eligible to get jobs, said an official release on Saturday.

The government said construction should take three to five years and pay off with annualised income of up to Rs 14 crore, up from Rs 9.74 crore the previous year.

The project, a joint venture by the Union cabinet and the Centre for the Economic and Financial Analysis (CFEA), could generate more than Rs 12,000 crore for the state, the state government said in a stat바카라사이트ement.

“The project will also contribute in terms of jobs, investment in the re우리카지노gion and create employment for approximately 1,000 persons,” the statement said.

The project involves the creation of industrial zones (IIAs) near the port, construction of a railway, electricity supply and maintenance of the railway itself.

The ministry has invested Rs 15 lakh for the 예스카지노development, a source told The Indian Express.