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Qld govt willing to discuss rural transport if PM can get on board

Qld govt willing to discuss rural transport if PM can get on board. — NOMONIA LAPILLA (@NomoniaL) May 29, 2016

Lapillosa has previously called on the Turnbull government to consider investing in rail, and to take steps to reduce emissions.

The move comes amid mounting calls for the federal government to invest in the rail network and improve public transport.

A key Turnbull priority is to cut carbon pollution from the power sector and to get public transport systems in the most capable condition.

In his speech, Lappina highlighted a number of other measures the government could take.

She pointed to the government’s d안마ecision last year to invest in low emission trains to the Port Lincoln and the Brisbane River region, and suggested a pilot rail project for the state’s north-west region.

Lappina also urged a greater focus on delivering rapid, affordable rail se창원출장마사지 창원출장안마rvices 카지노커뮤니티in key areas.

“In my short time in government, we’ve made $13 billion worth of investments in transport, so we need to be doing $7 billion now on a larger scale to ensure we deliver the best train service available – and build trains that are affordable enough so people can get from where they’re travelling to work to their homes,” she said.

“I want the government to make that investment and be committed to building the trains that can deliver for our communities, to our cities and rural communities who suffer the high costs of transport today, and to take our public transport network forward to offer people the best possible service they can afford.”

Lapillosa was responding to questions from journalist Nick Kyte about the government’s public transport announcement.