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Chavez making venezuela a haven for drug smuggling, contraband trafficking, and murder

Chavez making venezuela a haven for drug smuggling, contraband trafficking, and murder

The CIA will be helping to build an underground drug transportation network from Argentina to Colombia, the Central Intelligenc카지노 사이트e Agency (CIA) announced today. According to the press release, Venezuela is now considered to be the gateway to the Gulf Cartel.

A new organization was launched in Colombia: the National Liberation Army (ELN), who has “fought for national independence, a free, and independent Colombia.” ELN also is an organ of the United Self-defense Forces (ASF), the largest pro-revolutionist organization. The CIA said that the goal is to use the organization to smuggle “large quantities of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and other illegal drugs to the United States” and “to transport these goods to Latin America’s cocaine and marijuana sectors.”

The New Yor더킹카지노k Times reports on some of these recent developments:

Mr. Martinez was a senior member of the Colombian revolutionary army at the time he left in 1989. He was given “an amnesty for drug crimes” while on assignment in Venezuela, according to the document. That document described him as having “become a trusted source of intelligence, including the ability to get intelligence regarding illicit activities and the trafficking of firearms and explosives.” It described Mr. Martinez as “one of the most highly rated of a number of informants,” who worked with 바카라사이트Venezuelan security officials. Venezuela has not yet made a formal announcement about Mr. Martinez.

A CIA official stated:

A number of Colombian government officials have been arrested in connection with illicit drug trafficking and weapons dealing since Mr. Martinez and others went missing last week. We are trying to piece together the information that may have led to their apprehension so we can do a proper investigation to determine the full extent of our cooperation with Colombia.