Schools set to vote on education merger bill

Schools set to vote on education merger bill

The government announced Thursday that it will vote on whether to make education the central concern in the coalition government’s 2015 budget and whether to make it compulsory for every parent to attend.

Education has always been a controversial issue in Quebec and the opposition parties are pushing a motion to amend Quebec’s charter to provide for compulsory education through an “education levy” from all Quebecers by 2016. That will raise taxes from $2 to $3 per person and from $10 to $15 per child by 2015.

The Education, Science and Technology Minister, Yvette D’Auria, said she thinks this is a g우리 카지노ood idea. But what will happen to parents who don’t want to go to school?

“I think there’s a risk that many parents, if they do decide that they want to continue with school, will find themselves on the side of the bus, and there will not be enough funding there to keep them going to school,” said D’Auria.

She also said some of the costs could be a problem for parents. That means the Education, Science and Technology Commission is going to report back to the Parliament this fall.

D’Auria said parents already need access to the Internet to meet the e온라인카지노ducational needs of their kids.

“To say, you know what, let us just introduce an income tax levy, to bring in more revenue we will require that every parent that’s wil여성 마사지ling, who wants to attend school, will have the same opportunity so that there is the same income tax at that age, that means that we have one of the lowest taxes in the world,” said D’Auria.

A majority in Parliament backed the plan to increase taxes on the rich.

With files from CTV Montreal