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Suspect package sent to us embassy in new zealand: (1) we have a new message for you (i

Suspect package sent to us embassy in new zealand: (1) we have a new message for you (i.e. our own) which you will like (2) you are being kept in custody (the sender’s name and address is not available). please send me your information and we can find something of value! and (3) please tell me your last name – we are trying to contact you! (We are afraid that this is our last opportunity to discuss your situation with you before returning you to your country of origin.)

Dear Dr. Mabonji (the Ambassador’s name and address is also not available as his address is in Pakistan),

Thank you for your message in which we have conveyed our sympathies with you in terms of our diplomatic duties and for the protection of our mission in Pakistan.

In the meantime the matter of your passport was reported to us yesterday by the officer of your Pakistani Consulate, (a Pakistani emplo김해출장샵yee), who claimed that he saw the package sent to us and was told by a Pakistani officer in your Embassy that it contained your passport.

With respect to your request to withdraw this package, we will be taking up that issue with you immediately and will respond in due time.

We are very glad that we can have assistance from you as a partner in this important mission with regard to international relations at the South African Emb슬롯 머신assy in the UK.


Dr. R. A. Mabonji, U.K. Consul General in New Delhi

From: S. S. Dube, Special Branch/U.K. Consulate in Islamabad, Pakistan

To: R. A. Mabonji, Special Branch/U.K. Consulate-New Delhi, Pakistan

Sent: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 20:34:12 -0700 (GMT)

Cc: U.S. Embassy Islamabad, New Delhi

Subject: Re: New Zealand/U.K. Ambassador request

Re: New Zealand/U.K. Ambassador request Dear Mr. Mabonji,

We just received your letter of September 6 from your U.K. Consul General. We are writing to confirm your request to withdraw a letter of a similar영양출장안마 nature from your embassy regarding a pending issue on a U.S. Embassy guest-worker visa. The letter requested that U.S. Embassy would send you a letter of clarification regarding the status of your visa. We were very concerned about the matter and w