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Boy dies in wall collapse in San Diego

Boy dies in wall collapse in San Diego; police seek missing man Copyright by KXAN – All rights reserved A wall collapses in front of the former Hooters store on Broadway in San Diego (KXAN Photo/Shana Stadler) [ + – ] Video

SAN DIEGO (KXAN) — A woman and her 3-year-old daughter were found dead in a wall collapsed in front of the former Hooters restaurant on Broadway in San Diego.

San Diego Police Sgt. Michael Cate was present when the woman’s body was found outside the restaurant at 3400 Broadway, near the border of Humboldt Park and Aliso Viejo. It was unclear exactly where the woman died.

Police believe the woman may be the same girl found missing earlier this month by the father of an unidentified man.

Investigators have been looking for that unidentified man ever since, but have been unable to reach him through social media.

Investigators say the body of the woman was discovered with the body of the child nearby. Cate said they don’t know if that was the cause of the wall falling.

The boy and woman were discovered by police around 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Detectives said the child’s body had multiple cuts and bruises. He was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment and remains in critical condit공주출장마사지ion.

Police found nothing in 24 시 출장the restaurant area at the 카지노 사이트time of the incident. Cate said he believes the woman and child likely stayed in the apartment on Broadway before heading to San Diego City Hall.