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Google is taking the monthly update development cycle it uses for security updates and applying it to Mainline, so you should see updates about once a month for these components. Publicly, Google is branding these Mainline updates "Google Play System Updates," but all the engineers and documentation call it "Project Mainline." Pulling code away from manufacturers and telling them they could no longer customize it was done in cooperation with manufacturers. Both manufacturers and Google worked to upstream code and make the AOSP version acceptable as the one, true version of any given component.

Compared to the sister Srixon Z 565 irons the Launcher CBX produced a longer carry with a 6-iron, primarily due to faster ball speed from a higher launch with lower spin. At impact the feel was good with the large forgiving head sending the ball out on a medium to high trajectory.

You can swipe right from your home screen to see personalized Google cards that bring you news and personalized information. It actually uses contextual services to make sure you’re getting the most accurate information, though you do have to allow this with a permission prompt before it works. Called Microsoft Launcher, this unique option actually brings you a sweet new interface never before seen on Android.

So the less you can rely on full system updates, the better. Our personal favorite is Nova Launcher, as it’s run through a number of different updates that make it a top launcher today. We also really like Microsoft Launcher, partially because of the seamless connectivity that it comes equipped with. Designed with performance in mind, the Evie Launcher is a simpler interface that works to eliminate the slowness and bloat of your traditional launcher. It provides you with a beautiful and clean interface, and organizes things in a different way, but in a way that makes sense

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Motivating all these companies to come together and develop, test, and ship a system update, in a timely manner, for free, is significantly more of a challenge than what Apple has to deal with. Any break in this chain of update custody can stop a system update from coming out.

One of the major highlights that it brings to the table is seamless connectivity between your phone and your Windows PC — that’s something that Android isn’t normally able to provide you. With a simple screen swipe, you run into more advanced gesture settings, new themes, widgets, and wallpapers. This is my second Byrna HD. I am using them primarily for home and RV defense.

i ordered launcher only with solid projectiles for testing. Don’t forget to order enough co2 and your self defense projectiles. We’ve created the only non-lethal device with an available professional holster. Like scaled-down hybrids, the Launcher HB Turbo irons have a wide sole, thick topline and hollow body.

That allows the thin HT1170M stainless steel face to flex more efficiently at impact to boost ball speed. This is not altogether surprising as the Srixon is forged and will be a little softer than the cast Cleveland and also the CBX lofts are 1° stronger in the 4 to 8-irons. Bear in mind that less spin might mean the ball does not stop as quickly on landing so check that works for you too.

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Because I have purchased projectiles, and CO2 cartridges already I opted for the " launcher only kit". Testing the launcher shows it to be the normal well working, accurate airarm I have learned to expect from Byrna.